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 Competence domains


The domains of competence that we have in the field of Public Administration concern the financial, administrative, demographic management of the body and the management of the processes addressed to the users: management of the health information flows, student secretarial administration for the universities, management of the practices buildings for the communes

Financial Accounting for EE.LL.

Over 20 years we have gained a dominant competence in the accounting and financial processes of Local Authorities (Regions, Provinces and Municipalities).
In this field, we have won European Contests on Budgeting and Programming issues under Law 118 of 2011 on Budget Harmonization.

Eleweb – Elections

Eleweb is our system for collecting and publishing the electoral results scrutinized by the presidents of the seat. It is indicated for large regions and municipalities whose territory is subdivided into Colleges or Districts and data collection is distributed over several collection centers.
It is based on an open-source Web architecture and is compatible with Mobile systems.
We run the elections for Turin, Milan and the Marche Region with all the common Marche.

Demographic systems for municipalities

Since 1996 we are committed to managing and developing systems for the demographic sector of municipalities (even of large size).
The offices of Anagrafe, Elettorale, Civil State of a Municipality are the interlocutors of this domain of competence.
Since 2003 we have been working together to redesign the new NAO system of the City of Turin and we still maintain the correct execution and technological operation.

Work and Training

Over the last 15 years we have developed Regional Software Platforms for Accreditation of Regional Agencies, Professional Training and Active Labor Policy.
We are experts in the design and implementation of Observatories of active labor policies. Also we are experts on the “Young Warranty” measures, in synergy with the Employment Agencies, the Regions and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies.

Health and Sanity

As part of the National Health Service – SSN we are experts in the treatment of financial flows, in data processing in experimental clinical cases (eCRF) and the reporting of the costs of health expenditure between healthcare companies (ASL, ASO, etc.) and regions, between Region and Region, between Region and Ministry of Health.

CUP Recall

In the field of health bookings, our CUP-RECALL product is used for automatic patient calls to confirm whether or not healthcare is provided with the aim of streamlining healthcare spending and shortening waiting lists.

Assistance and Sanitary

We have developed for our customers a platform for the management of social services provided by the municipalities and related to the sanitary provisions of the territorial ASLs. Individual application services (including vouchers) and project services involving social partners in the area (coop, rest homes, etc.) are included in the management

Turin University and polytechnic

For the Universities we are experienced in the management of Student Secretariats, Didactic and Research Management, Foreign Students’ Entry and Exit flows, as well as University Degrees and Mobile Applications for Students.

The University of Turin Studies and the Politecnico di Torino are among our active customers.

e-Procurement Platforms for the PA

Pro Logic digitalizes the supplier selection process, enables online management of lists and invitations to participate in tenders, manage the Account Payable procedures of a small Municipality or larger Regions.

  • Supplier Register Portal: it is a safe and intuitive management platform that allows the digitalization of the register of economic operators.
  • Management of the entire Account Payable activities of a Public Administration: ideal for Municipalities, Provinces and Regions.
  • The platform is immediate and allows you to manage your own register of suppliers or any other list of economic operators online, in compliance with the regulations. It is also possible, through automated procedures, to select and transmit invitations to submit offers (RFQ, RFO, RFI).