“Eleweb” is a comprehensive platform for collecting election results scrutinized by Section Presidents.
It is designed for large regions or municipalities.
It manages every type of national election (Chamber and Senate or European) and Local (Regional, Provincial and Municipal Administrative Elections).
The platform integrates the interface with the Ministry of the Interior and contains the algorithms for calculating the number of seats of elected councils.
The City of Turin has re-used Eleweb software to the municipality of Milan in 2014, following the release of Pro Logic Informatica.
Likewise Pro Logic Informatica S.r.l. is available to grant the release to the City of Turin or Milan for the extension of the use license and re-supply to the Regions or Cities that request it.

Eleweb in Turin And Milan

Pro Logic supplies Eleweb to the cities of Turin and Milan.
Since 2014, Pro Logic manages the collection of electoral data for all municipalities in the Marche Region during the Regional Administrative Elections.
During all election events, Pro Logic provides the service for managing and controlling the uploading of scrutinized data, processing and predisposition of data for their publication over the various communication channels.

 On-site  Services

During election events we offer organizational analysis for data collection on the territory.
We measure the infrastructure to be put into the lead.
Configure the platform to translate the user’s specifications.
We create the different user profiles for uploading data, checking the consistency of the data, and publishing the data.
According to customer requests, Pro Logic is able to meet a targeted H24 service and a range of customized publishing and data collection (Tablet, Maxi screens, web servers on different systems …).

Open-source technology

Since 1999 we use open-source technology to design Eleweb.
Thanks to this, Eleweb can be reused according to the AgID rules on software reuse.
Eleweb is a flexible and scalable system that can be installed on Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems, even on virtual machines. It is developed in PHP and can be configured to work with Oracle, Postgres, and MySQL databases. Then it is able to operate in open source Linux, Apache, MySQL / Postgres, PHP (LAMP) configurations without any burden of basic SW license costs.