The Internet has been a source of inspiration and innovation for us

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ICT consultancy

From the feasibility study to the development of custom solutions.
We guarantee reliability in the development of Hardware and Software solutions in the ICT world thanks to a twenty-year experience with over 50 professionals.

We are able to develop ad hoc ICT projects from the Internet of Thing to Big data, from the management systems integrated to the Smart Factory 4.0, also on the mobile platforms IOS and Android, up to the smart Data visualization.

IT Systems and Infrastructures

We design and implement complex Hardware and Software infrastructures for large public and private organizations.

We offer a wide range of flexible services ranging from job management (PDL) to LAN and WAN management, from System management to support of know-how and technological development.

Through outsourcing, we industrialise the development, maintenance, and support of applications and technology assets to align IT investments with strategic customer imperatives and reduce costs by up to 50 percent.

Internet of Thing


Since 2012 is the technological frontier we have governed to connect things and people. We used electronics to serve people connected to the Internet.

In the new contexts of the Internet of Thing, Smart City and Factory 4.0 Our hardware solutions are custom designed.

The skills of the latest, WIICOM, cover the areas of Wireless communication and Wired through the TCP-IP protocol with hardware solutions to connect machines and sensors.

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