New technologies for controlling production

From the experience of the Internet of Things, today we can connect all kinds of machines to production for their monitoring and control of work cycles. We design and produce electronic devices capable of transmitting the proprietary protocols of production machines transparently.
We also handle the concept of Machine to Machine (M2M), so two different machines, which did not communicate before, now communicate with each other through interchange of information and wireless commands.
Control of production costs will now fall into the industry’s priority to make their offer competitive.

  Our solutions

Remote control systems


We wipe out keyboards and displays of industrial machines (eg welding machines or textiles) wired by an RS485 cable, simply applying the two ends of our WI-FI wiriless devices interfaced to a 485 transceiver. Both Embedded Keyboard and System Software Systems control of the welding machine are not altered.

Direct access to the departmental system


With our devices we can connect isolated production machines to the factory department system. We are able to develop ad-hoc department management systems that focus on data and control all production machines. Wi-Fi is widely used in case the cost of cable drafting is too expensive in the production facilities.

Control of digital signals of sensors and actuators

On industrial machines that only exhibit digital or analogue signals for monitoring and monitoring we can apply our devices to a transducer electronic circuit for remote control of sensors’ machines to read states. In this case we solve the problem of wiring in a very large manufacturing facility through the factory-made Wi-Fi connection.

Fixing systems on automotive assembly line


For industrial fastening systems (CANbus network precision printers) along a mounting line, we produce a series of wireless components for ergonomic operator enhancement during assembly: dowel base, LED light bulbs, …

Monitoring of pneumatic valves

In the industrial field of compressed air we integrate the pneumatic valves to our devices to monitor the operating parameters. We also develop APP on a tablet and a departmental management system to store data from many valves installed at a facility to control valve efficiency in real time.