We offer electronic and computer solutions tailored to the needs of each customer to connect electronic devices to the internet.
The customer may choose to entrust to us designing all or part of the infrastructure to be connected to the internet.

Sense Cloud

Sense Cloud is a software system that controls any type of machine or sensor equipped with a Wiicom Wi-Fi module. Through a web interface clients can configure the host and sensor parameters.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules

Wiicom Embedded Modules (XCWIFI and Compact) are useful to harware OEM designers.
Boxed modules (PWR-F-x-Bx), however, are useful for System Integrators for remoting industrial machines without investing time in mechanical and electronic communications.

Environmental and status sensors

We produce integrated sensor with communication systems for reading ambient values ​​(TH and CO2) and status sensors (digital and analog I / O).
We produce custom electronic solutions for proprietary protocols on UART, Modbus, Canbus, Profinet, Profibus.